Welcome to TheBikeAdventure.com                                  A solo bicycle expedition around the world

Welcome to "TheBikeAdventure", on this website you can follow me on my bicycle expedition around the world.
I'm starting in SkellefteƄ, Sweden in August and the journey will take me a couple of years to complete.
I want to be able to experince as much as I can during this time, to get close to the locals and to meet people from many different cultures.
During this expedition I will document my andeavours on this website with vidoes, photos and stories from the road.
Hopefully you would like to follow me on this jorney through my blog and videos. To live trough my highs and lows and at the end see me finish this adventure and complete my circumnavigation around the globe.

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The Route

  • SkellefteĆ„ - Beijing
  • Beijing ->

The bike

My travel companion

The bike is built on a Surly "Long Haul Trucker" frame with mostly Shimano parts. I wanted it to be as simple as possible so that I wouldn't have any problems finding parts for it wherever I am. I have been lucky to not have any problems with it so far. I changed some parts in Athens that was worn, but other then that it has been working great. Klick here to find out more about the bicycle.

The Bike Adventure Touring Bicycle Mountains in Turkey