Name: Samuel Eriksson

Born: 15 March 1985

Nationality: Swedish


-Like most sports

-Lived four months in New Zealand back in 2006

-Like photography

-Have had a job since I was 15(when still in school)

-Enjoy cross-country skiing

-Listen to a wide range of music

-Always need my ipod charged up and ready to go

-Love a good documentary

-Read thrillers

-Have 17.2 handicap in golf

-Had my own company selling golf accesorries online

-Like to gamble a little on the stock market and on football matches

-Favourite football team: FC Barcelona

-Favorite hockey team: SkellefteƄ AIK

-Have had four cars and three motorbikes + a moped when I was 15

-Have owned a sea kayak. I'm Hoping to take a longer trip in one some day

-Only read novels in English

-Have two siblings

-Have before this upcoming trip been to 12 different countries